Valuation Request

Nature of Business
General description of the entity’s business and SIC (Standard Industrial Code as shown on tax return) if appropriate.

Any Pertinent Agreements?
- Please briefly describe any agreements that are relevant to the appraisal service requested. For example:
Shareholder agreement restricting sales of common stock to third parties
- Partnership agreement requiring 75% vote of limited partners to remove general partners

Contingent Liabilities / Nonoperating Assets
PPlease briefly describe contingent liabilities and/or nonoperating assets. For example:
- Summer home in Utah
- Property leased to third party
- Boat, planes, etc., not used in the business

Known Deadlines or Desired Timetable
If there is a known deadline (e.g., an estate tax filing date), please indicate. FMV Opinions strives to complete every project within 6 weeks of obtaining the necessary information from our clients.